About ACJC

F. Terry Canady became Pastor of The Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ (PAW) on February 10th, 2016. Prior to becoming pastor he studied under Dr. Bishop Aletha J. Cushinberry for 30+ years. He’s been a member of ACJC since 1955 and is excited about where Jesus is taking the church and congregation!

Pastor Terry Canady and First Lady Shirelle Canady of Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ in Topeka, KS

History of The Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ


Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ in Topeka, KS

Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ in Topeka, KS

The Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ of Topeka, Kansas was officially incorporated in October 1954 as the Jesus Only Pentecostal Church under the pastorate of our founder, Elder Jess James, and Sis. Emma McCuen. Our first services were held in the kitchen of their home with a small handful of members. They continued to worship and grow at this location until the summer of 1956 when the congregation was moved to a building located on Lafayette Street. After relocating to this site, they worshipped in that building for the next eight years. Then under the pastorate of Elder Homer A. Calvert, the congregation moved to a temporary location at 7th & Western in 1964.

Our move to 635 College was made in February 1965. The congregation began the purchase of this building during March 1965. It was during that time the church name was officially changed to the Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ. With the help of God and some diligent faithful members, we were able to pay off the mortgage for this building on March 5, 1974. On November 19, 1966, Suffragan Bishop Aletha J. Cushinberry (then Sis. Aletha J. Thomas), acceded to the will of the Lord and the congregation, and accepted the responsibility of becoming the church’s new Pastor. Under her expert leadership, guidance, faithfulness to God and following His will for her and the congregation, the church has grown and prospered both spiritually and naturally.

The decision was then made to initiate the building fund for the church. By the leading and direction of the Lord, Pastor Cushinberry began a search for a new location for the Apostolic Church. She then found a location at 2420 SE Bellview Avenue and signed the contract for purchase of the building on October 6, 1982. With the help of the Lord and a lot of hard work and cleaning by the faithful members we were able to officially open our doors and hold our first service on October 31, 1982.

Dr. Bishop Aletha J. Cushinberry Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ in Topeka, KS

Dr. Bishop Aletha J. Cushinberry

With the congregation now in place and flourishing at this new location, in 1992, Suff. Bishop Cushinberry along with the members made a resolution to pay off the current mortgage. This would allow us to embark upon a new building fund program and be debt free. The Lord blessed abundantly, the congregation was faithful, diligent and gave sacrificially and we succeeded in less than on-year from the onset of this endeavor to victoriously pay off the mortgage of over $30,000.00! We paid the balance of the mortgage in full on August 25, 1993. Upon the successful completion of our mortgage burning celebration, the congregation entered a new building fund program for our new addition. For the several years to follow, the congregation faithfully persevered to bring the “Vision” into fruition. Though many obstacles came in our way, we yet held on to the belief that God would bring this vision to pass. In the spring of 1998, God saw fit to open a window from Heaven and pour out abundant blessings upon us and we were able to celebrate the official Groundbreaking on October 4, 1998, for the new Worship Center Apostolic.

After our groundbreaking, we began the construction of our new edifice on October 7, 1998. After 45 years of worshipping in other buildings we moved forward to celebrate our official Grand Opening Celebration on August 29, 1999! To God be the Glory for the things HE has done! HALLELUJAH!

In 2006 Elder John Hymon, (past) Christian Education Director, had a vision that we create and develop our own Vacation Bible School material and theme song. This vision came to fruition under the direction of the Vacation Bible School Director, Sis. Sonja Burton and has continued under the direction of our new Vacation Bible School Director Deaconess Lenora Douglas.

In January of 2010 the vision of our late Pastor, Suffragan Bishop Aletha J. Cushinberry came into existence to have our own Bible Institute an extension of Anon Bible College, Indianapolis, IN. The name of our extension is Unlimited Harvest Bible Institute.

Bishop Aletha J. Cushinberry was called home on December 26, 2015. The congregation elected Elder F. Terry Canady as our Pastor on February 10, 2016, and he was installed on March 13, 2016. There is still much work to be done, but all we could say is “To God Be the Glory, for the things HE has Done”! For He has done Great things for us”. The Church has grown and prospered both spiritually and naturally.